About Abbie Carmichael

Abbie Carmichael was an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) on Law & Order from the start of the 9th series until the end of the 11th series. She worked with EADA Jack McCoy during this time. Adam Schiff was the District Attorney she worked for in the 9th and 10th series, until he was replaced with DA Nora Lewin.

Before working with Jack McCoy, Abbie Carmichael was an ADA in the Narcotics division. She had a very good conviction rate, which was why she was promoted.

Abbie is very strong minded and independent, and she always speaks her mind. She fights for what she believes is right and will stop at nothing to get the bad guys put behind bars. She believes in the death penalty and doesn't hesitate to encourage Jack to go for it when she feels the crime is serious enough. She doesn't like making deals with murderers, even if they are willing to give up information the DA's office might be interested in. She believes that justice is only done when the criminals are adequately punished for their crimes.

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